Sunday, 9 January 2011


Time to grab the nearest cube-like object and start collecting dirt and stone... It's the Manic Digger unofficial blog. I'm just a fan of the game, which I found when I was looking into MineCraft; I dont mind admitting, I'm currently unemployed (boo hoo) and as such every last penny counts, so actually buying a copy of MineCraft wasn't a possibility, thanks to '' I was linked to Manic Digger, and being that it fell into my favourite category of computer games... the free type, I went ahead and downloaded a copy. Sooner rather than later, I was hooked.

Since then I've found the forums to be helpful and friendly (excluding the trolls) and more importantly I've set up the IndieDB page to help advertise the game.

So; hello again, If you've never heard of Manic Digger I highly recommend you download a copy and have a go! This blog will serve as an update portal hopefully getting all the latest greatest Manic Digger To the public even faster!

Also to come: I'l be releasing my own texture pack soon, watch this space!