Thursday, 16 August 2012

A Little Off Topic...

I know I know, this blog is all about that fantastic open source game Manic Digger! which is great, however I feel I need to post the following as a courtesy.

My partner is raising money for charity and quite frankly, every little helps, so to all the readers of this blog I'm asking if you can give even a little.

The proceeds go toward Macmillan Cancer Support, and there's fun to be had as you're giving! you can vote if my partner has her head shaved or keeps her hair! Its for charity so even if she 'keeps' her locks on her head she's going to add a stripe of Macmillan green colour to her hair.

Take a few moments and check out her blog post:
the donations page...
If you're on Google+ look up the hashtag #hairsyourchance
or check out her G+ post:

If you cant spare a few pennies at least think about sharing these details over your chosen social network.

Thank you in advance.