Thursday, 26 February 2015

Ghosts Making Posts ...

This isn't a post from me, I've long since put away Manic Digger for other things, but I thought this news was so momentous it needed to go up here. Thanks go to E-arif for writing up this update post:

So, from the forums; Here is the news -

There is a NEW manic digger official website!

There you shall find the NEW version 2015-02-17 available to download RIGHT NOW.
I assure you this is not fake, infact exe himself gave me this new website, which is also not completely finished.

This is the new manic digger website and this is the list of changes in 2015-02-17 and I can confirm that this is one of the best updates and the developers have worked their socks off to deliver new blocks, new visuals and much, much more! -- List of Changes


  • Block IDs > 255 are now saved correctly
  • Allow Mod debugging
  • New player physics
  • Web browser game client (HTML5, WebGL)
  • Fixed /give command
  • Send inventory updates directly to client when issuing /reset_inventory
  • Updated terrain renderer (thanks to @TobiMob)
  • Updated lava texture (does not look so washed out anymore)
  • Some bot optimisations
  • Parse colors in serverlist correctly
  • Mouse wheel support in multiplayer server list
  • Make server handle Ctrl-C (proper shutdown)
  • Added a few more half-height blocks
  • Allow 5 server queries per second
  • Introduced limit on number of restarts per time interval (default: 5 per 10 minutes) to prevent restart loops
  • Changed automatic server restarts. Server process doesn't get killed anymore but shuts itself down regularly.
  • Added IsShuttingDown() to Mod API
  • Changed some things in terms of crash handling. Old entries in crash log don't get overwritten anymore.
  • Fixed transparency issues in ore textures
  • Added new blocks (including more types of wood):
  • Spruce Wood
  • Birch Wood
  • Clay
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Red Sand
  • Sandstone
  • Red Sandstone
  • Cactus
  • Dead Plant
  • Grass Plant
  • TreeGenerator.cs: Fixed generation of forests
  • Added new DrawType: Cactus
  • Added entity hit handler to ModAPI (allowing player interaction / PvP)
  • RememberPosition.cs: Fixed invalid coordinates being stored in some cases
  • New background image in main menu. Activated background animation.
  • Added permission sign
  • Added signs
  • Introduced new format for player models. This should be a lot easier than the old one
  • Fixed monster editor
  • War Mod: Fixed console being spammed with errors when a new player joins
  • Fixed crafting images
  • Added possibility to quit from loading screen to main menu (for example if a server doesn't answer)
  • Optimized server chunk unloading. Uses far less CPU now
  • Fixed group issue when connecting to server on same machine (thank you, e-arif!)
  • Added a new skysphere. Introducing a day-night-cycle
  • Fixed player positions being sent twice (causing movement stutter)
  • Default.cs split into 3 files for easier creation of new gamemodes
  • Added new DrawType: Flat
  • Fixed mouse cursor sometimes not being displayed when leaving a game
  • Added translation support for main menu
  • Implemented OnLoadWorld event for Mod API
  • Allow server queries using TCP
  • Added exit button to main menu
  • Write a more detailed clientside log

You'll have to click on the Linux logo to have Windows Binary. Going to be fixed soon!

Also, there is no need to use