Monday, 21 January 2013

Th, th, th, that's all folks...

So, I think this post might be one of the last on here, It's become apparent that I've moved away from Manic Digger, not to say I haven't had lots of fun, I really have enjoyed my experience with this game and to all those that still play I say, carry on the Open Source way! exe has produced an enjoyable and accessible alternative to a certain other block building game, and with it, gathered a small crowed of followers and people whom, like myself did what they could to promote the game and make it better.

I've been getting on with real world things, working and the likes, but have also been enjoying several other computer games, It's never been a better time to enjoy gaming on the PC (contrary to a lot of publications which insist that computer gaming is dying) I recently got back into playing Diablo, and Borderlands as well as some old favourites Company of Hero's etc etc

I've also go my beady eyes on some upcoming things one of which is Chrono blade which looks to include elements from some of my favourite games. I've already signed up for the beta (gotta get in early right!) and if anyone out there might be interested here's a link for the sign up...

And so, back to the matter in hand; that being that my focus has gone far away from Manic Digger and this blog while I will be leaving it up probably wont be seeing any updates from myself. I do encourage that if you are a fan or supporter of Manic Digger that you send in articles, I'm more than willing to publish any MD related content that people might want to submit.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Got Picture? .. will post!

If you have a great manic digger picture to share, Let everyone see it at this newly setup (well... more accurately: newly discovered...) Manic Digger Gallery!!!

manic digger user gallery

Really great to see such a thriving community out there!

Also... there may or may not be rumor (one that i'm starting now) that Ol Joe has reason to get his dig on.

Perhaps you'll see me about on the public servers soon.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Dust off the Blog, I gots sumthin t' say

While I've been absent (and have been very busy doing other more important things...) it seems that Manic Digger has seen some progress, exe has been active and updates made to the base concept for the game, a modding API has been developed and indeed several 'lite' mods have been produced,
 Manic Digger always had been a great interest to me and once more as I arise from the mist of time and obscurity of absence I find that there's shiny new things to keep me interested.

I can't promise that I'm going to make a serious comeback any time soon but I do have a hankering for some block building brilliance.

So even in lieu of my participation, check out the latest version of Manic Digger, see if there's something you can enjoy!