Thursday, 19 April 2012

Just a quicky, look at this piccy!

Saw this and just HAD to share it... what a great piece of work shame its not on a multiplay server, would loved to have a look about.

credit goes to MementoMori from the main Manic Digger Forums! excellent stuff!

I highly recommend checking out his thread (which contains more images) at:

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Oh Hai (^_^) long time no see.

Well its been a while *blows dust away from the keyboard* my RL has been super manic, and I've been drawn back into one of my old gaming passions: Eve Online (for which I also now write a blog... Eve-Blog )

However, true to my word I still check in the MD forums like some lost ghost of times passed... and recently found that there had been some community work to revamp the MD wiki and more importantly, translate the wiki into German!

Great stuff guys!

It's no secret that a large portion of those that enjoy Manic Digger are German, or German speaking so, for all you people .. and especially to any potential players of that persuasion...

thank 'JohnRambo' from the forums for his work:

In other unrelated news; there is still a massive following or at least massive interest in this game, I'm constantly amazed by the number of ongoing hits this blog gets, and I apologize that my life is not currently very involved in Manic Digger as I once was,  so to help ensure that those visiting here understand that there is still an active community behind this project If you have an article which would be of interest, or use to the wider Manic Digger community, I'd be glad to post it here! contact me at the following address with your proposed article and if I remember / get round to it, I'll post it up (I might edit any submission, but all courtesy will be made toward the writer)

email : REJ (at) TECHIE (dot) COM