Thursday, 28 April 2011

Texture.. umm.. fest?

A BIG shout goes to liquidhot, who I have spoken briefly with in the past, he's been quite the genious! Manic Digger, as well all know, is essentially the same graphical engine as Minecraft, Albeit coded in a different fashion... as such, both games utilize a similar method to all the graphics into the game.

In theory it has always been possible to 'edit' the minecraft graphical layout to match that of Manic Digger, but such a task would have to be done by hand, and... as a graphically minded person, such tasks can be laborious and dull to undertake. Some people have already ported over Minecraft textures to use in Manic Digger, and some of the texture's i've seen are pretty good.

Liquidhot has now made it one step easier to use the wealth of freely available user made content that exists for Minecraft... and easily tranform it into a usable Manic Digger Texture pack!

This is a GREAT opening in the availability of textures, and now every Manic Digger player can enjoy the textures they like the most!!

Almost makes my recent contest seem a little moot, but I'm very happy that this little tool has been made!

Thank you liquidhot!!

Forum link

Download link

Friday, 22 April 2011

Skinfest Apr 2011

Its been a long time coming, but here you are, my 1st SKINFEST!!!!!

Click on the link below to go to the 'skinfest' page!!!!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Contested times...

The texture contest has finally rapped up, the winner was declared as Andy! his entry is seen below;

As well as the texture contest Finally coming to an end, there have been great leaps forward for the community as a whole, a new 'fan forum' set up by Monaiz who has been giving a LOT to the progression of the game.

visit the new forum at the following link: 

and finally, one small note... the next post I make will be my much delayed SKINFEST!!!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

April Fools

for those that may even have entertained the idea that MIT was actually interested in Manic Digger, well that's April 1st for ya!

By some small way of apology.. here's some 'pixel art' I recently did (in single player...)

There Is still plenty of chatter in the forums about development. so while we may not be waiting for the MIT 'special build' there is a lot of work being done by lots of different people, which I have to say is great!! Oddly I haven't seen a lot of exe creative server, I can only assume it's not there while exe beavers away at including patches of code into a new build... I do occasionally pop into other servers just to see what's going and if there are any notable or interesting build's so, If you see Ol_joe pop on-line it's probably me paying a visit!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Wow.. just.. wow!

I just found a tweet with a link in regarding Manic Digger (I occasionally check Google search for recent activity involving the term "Manic Digger"...)

The link lead to a research document of all things, I was a little confused Until I read it more, in layman's terms and what I was able to actually understand, it seems M.I.T are looking to utilise the codebase of Manic Digger intending to refine it as a scientific module to help them visualise and work with nano-mechanical engineering.

Who would have thought of such a thing!! Just goes to show how diverse an Open Source project can become!