Saturday, 2 April 2011

April Fools

for those that may even have entertained the idea that MIT was actually interested in Manic Digger, well that's April 1st for ya!

By some small way of apology.. here's some 'pixel art' I recently did (in single player...)

There Is still plenty of chatter in the forums about development. so while we may not be waiting for the MIT 'special build' there is a lot of work being done by lots of different people, which I have to say is great!! Oddly I haven't seen a lot of exe creative server, I can only assume it's not there while exe beavers away at including patches of code into a new build... I do occasionally pop into other servers just to see what's going and if there are any notable or interesting build's so, If you see Ol_joe pop on-line it's probably me paying a visit!