Sunday, 30 January 2011

Them and Us...

Well this is both a sad post, and a happy one... sad because its a shame we had to get to 'this level' of things just to have a good time, happy, because now 'real' builders can enjoy the game so much more!

exe creative server has long been a suffer of Griefers, those that choose to simply mess about and break stuff for shits 'n giggles... real school-yard mentality style antics. So now the server has an 'invite only' area in which only players which are known and trusted are allowed to build/destroy any blocks. This is a fantastic way to have an area completely uncorrupted by Griefers, but it does breed a certain air of 'suspicion' I'm privileged enough to be recognised by a good few and was invited initially by exe himself, now I can log in and via a special log-in process... I can go about my work unhindered.

By comparison to other servers, only earlier I was literally fending off a griefer on a German server as he went about destroying a castle someone was building, so in that respect I'm thankful for a haven in which I can properly enjoy the game.

Sadly I do now pity the new-commers and those whom do not spend a great deal of time on-line as they now enter the exe creative server, under suspect of being a griefer and as such aren't immediately given the chance to really have some fun, instead they're forced to build their things on the 'freebuild' side of the server (which may I add is divided by a large castle style rampart wall)

So, I give thanks for the fact I have the chance to enjoy the game, and at the same time pity those that arent given the same 'freedom' that I and many other 'trusted' payers now have.

In happier news however, my largest house yet!!! 4 floors counting celler and attic, connecting rail link, wide screen TV, fitted kitchen, an én suite bathroom in the master suite... what a build! pop on over and have a look, you cant miss my name right in front of it!

Its very late now, and I really need some shut-eye ... damn you exe this game is addictive!