Sunday, 23 January 2011

poor Tacobuilder :'-(

While perusing Sonidarc's server... and making a rather neat video of a co-operative build... in which I capture someone saying "I prefer this to minecraft, there are nicer people in this game" a player by the nick of Tacobuilder says "hey come check out my boat"

I did.. it was a nice boat...

No sooner had I literally turned around when he shouts "griefer!!"

And lo and behold his boat... on which he was still working, was busily being randomly destroyed and crap blocks thrown all over it to boot... so even before the guy had finished his work, it was laid to waste, I simply fail to see why, in what is essentially an infinite world space to build in people insist on this childish level of 'sandcastle kicking'

This was what I turned around to see...

It's sad that people choose to abuse the freedom given to them, it's sad that they choose to be destructive in a game which is essentially about freedom of creation so... to all the builders out there that DO finish a project that you're proud of, upload it to the IndieDB 'images page' to show off, I for one am among many that will appreciate the time and effort that goes into making something good.

on a positive note... I did spot these bits and thought them worthy of a screencap: