Friday, 14 January 2011

Anyone out there!?

Hey to everyone that might take 5 seconds to read this, I bumped into exe last night on the 'exe creative' server and we had a small chat, the long and short of which was that he is eager that MORE people join in on development of the game.

Generally that means if you can;
  • code [game is currently coded in C# ]
  • create or edit graphics
  • spend some time making the wiki better / more comprehensive
  • help provide multilingual wiki variation
  • anything else you might think of that could help!

Then you are what Manic Digger needs, exe is just one man, he's done some great work, but the project needs more input than he alone can provide, so... if you code in C# and fancy having a bash at this 'base game' to see what can be done, get in touch!