Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Things to do... but people undo it.

I recently spent some time in one of the german servers. I have to say their servers seem less 'messed up' than others I've been on.. but that aside, I too some promotional video to add to indieDB and generally wasted some time building stuff (including the mandetory hosue and name sign...)

Sorry to all the german players that now have to put up with that! but I did contribute one 'nice' build to the sever..

Enjoy while it stands... On a related note; there is a notable amount of griefers (especially on exe creative...) which seem intent on knocking shit down, or generally spamming crap all over the place. I have to say its a pet peeve that the work people do is destroyed by nubbins... sadly, not a lot can be done about this until a form of 'secured' server becomes a feature.

I did bump into a couple of people just today (both of whome are MineCraft players) one seemed genuinely interested in Manic Digger purely because it is a creative game and doesnt have any 'other' gameplay mechanics (he was particularly against the 'survival' mode of MineCraft) the other seemed very much interested in what Manic Digger was about, but the 1st thing he said over chat was "why dont you play minecraft" ...

regardless, here is a message to all the griefers and nubbins that break stuff... courtesy of a guy I met called 'tether'... Damn Griefers... (he is also resposible for the soppy love sign behind!)

Well, I've said my piece,a dn have to get off to do things other than playing with my virtual lego's