Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Time for T... errain.png

Be sure to pop over to the forums to check out the renewed terrain.png contest, remember the aim of the contest is to try to find new textures to replace the default ones which are packaged with the game download, emergency late entries are allowed up until this Sunday, with one more week of voting after that...

Votes are already open so come and make your opinion heard!


Friday, 25 March 2011

Holiday time.

Well I'm off on a weekend break, But I've noticed that the forums have been springing up posts with new patches, possible new Idea and alterations, I think finally Manic Digger is at a point where we'll see some significant growth in the project, perhaps even some branching projects..

If you are busy tapping code in, then I thank you and look forward to the end result..

Things which aren't In the current stable release (12 / 02 / 2011) but have been hinted at or actually have work being done on them..

  • Flowing water, the exe creative server was recently running test versions has been mysteriously absent from my server lists recently, but I can confirm that the water is there, and does flow... and boy does it flow...
  • Ladders? I've seen the screen's. and I admit that I really want ladders
  • New log in screens, Nice looking graphical interfaces never hurt.
  • In game alterations to the inventory, possibly other tweeks
  • Admin kick/ban tools; an all too welcome addition, griefers be gone!
There are many more things yet to come, and lots of things I'd love to see in the game, but I'm a patient man, and besides! I'm on holiday! not like I'll be playing until I get back.

signing off until then!

(super secret hint, my LOOOONG delayed skinfest will be posted up when I return!)

oh... and don't fear about the terrain.png contest, I'll have some limited access to the net so I'll be sure to keep on top of that!

Ol Joe

Monday, 21 March 2011

-Dev /command: code moar!

Wow, there has been quite an explosion of coders and extra help suddenly popping up, we all know and love Huder who has been doing some work on terrain generation and other tid-bits... but now there are a couple other names popping up alongside large wedges of code (all of which is complete gobbledy-gook to me)

So to pay homage to the people that can...

Thank you.. and in some small way I hope these pictrues I took from liquidhot's server show how cool things can be when people knuckle down and do cool stuff.

Club 'Tron'

possibly the 1st US flag I've seen...

And the host himself Mr Liquidhot

If you haven't already, then pay a visit, the Tron texture is awesome!!!

In other news, we are now part way through the re-scheduled terrain.png contest entry period, so if you have a terrain.png that you would like to enter, please pop along and post it.

Entries should be in by no later than midnight (GMT) on the 27th March.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Some fun...

For anyone that ever 'tried' the flowing water...

Yet another catch up

Many apologies for my somewhat extended absence, sadly things don’t always run according to plan, or go as smoothly as they ‘should’ ..

Catch up point 1

The texture contest finished, and aside from the background textures being decided upon it was a tie for the actual terrain.png file!! As such I opened a new contest specifically for this, go >> here << to contribute or look at what’s happening.

Catch up point 2

I’m a little behind on any recent developments, mainly because my access to the internet is limited, so actually getting online to find out what’s going on in Manic Digger is an interesting pass-time, especially as when I do manage to actually get online I usually have more pressing matters to attend to, (again this boils down to some explanation of my absence!)
To remedy this I’m going to do a bit of snooping to see what I can find out about any new Manic Digger developments.

Catch up point 3

My skinfest has been delayed… corresponding with my ongoing lack of connectivity, however I’m looking at my skin directory right now and see I have 35 skins completed.. only 34 of which will be released Immediately… and there are still several I wish to add to the collection before the almighty skinfest release!!!

So, to those that follow this blog eager to see the latest news, my apologies!! I’ll try to get things sorted so I can once again make regular posts in the near future.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

RamboTRS server

I have to reference back to my previous post, I'd like to point out that a lot of what I've been showing recently Is pictures from the "Lets Show RamboTRS" server which from what I've seen Is mostly populated by German or German speaking folk,

I have to give a LOT of respect to them for their Build which dwarves Tacobuilders bridge, at a quick check this monster is around 512 blocks long (it disappears in fog!!!)

So, for the work that RamboTRS and iami30 do, just because they can, hats off!!

I also spotted a little bridge which I quite liked as it was built on an angle! So it is for that reason (ie: that unlike everything else, its built deliberately on a 45 degree angle) here is a little picture of it.

There is also PLENTY of Mario and Nintendo retro/8-bit cartoon iconography littering the landscape, all of which gets the Ol_joe seal of approval!

As a small reminder; My texture contest ends TOMORROW!! so if you haven't voted come see what's going on! >> http://manicdigger.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=578

And as a post reminder, just for the curious, my Super Mega All-Encompassing Ultra Skinfest 2011 (shortened to SMEAEUS 2011 ) is drawing closer, All the skins I have made in ONE place, the old ones I've already posted and MANY new ones!! so If you need a new skin to impress your Manic Digger Pals, be sure to stay tuned!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Meanwhile, back on the ranch.

Here is a little look back at some things which have otherwise escaped my rantings...

A nice 'Eiffel Tower' style build.

Hello to "Ian"

More Gronkh fans!

Whump! There are plenty of 'mario' or
'8-bit' builds

In the time I have actually done something.. it was mostly this... a HUGE build of the Golden Gate Bridge on exe creative 5 (from the spawn point: turn around, go to the anti-vandal side, and off to the right (there is a rail link from the Oasis)

Many thanks to Jay-Jay for helping.

Group photo with the finished bridge

A different view, complete with
'The Statue' in the background.

Looks great at night.

This was a build by Tacobuilder, with help from me and a couple other people, I hope you visit! 

Just to keep things interesting... there is (at the time of writing) a test version dated 05 - 03 - 2011 ... exe is working damn hard on things at the moment. And others are beginning to assists with creating code or building versions for other platforms... to all these people THANK YOU!!!

Friday, 4 March 2011

I'll have an Apple please...

Things have been interesting, while I'm happily making some new skins for what has become dubbed "skinfest 2011" exe has been playing about with some new features...

check this out...

It's early days yet, but there is 'flowing' water...

In 'headline news... Mac may soon be on the list of available Manic Digger varients! for those that are appley inclined please check out the forum thread: