Friday, 18 March 2011

Yet another catch up

Many apologies for my somewhat extended absence, sadly things don’t always run according to plan, or go as smoothly as they ‘should’ ..

Catch up point 1

The texture contest finished, and aside from the background textures being decided upon it was a tie for the actual terrain.png file!! As such I opened a new contest specifically for this, go >> here << to contribute or look at what’s happening.

Catch up point 2

I’m a little behind on any recent developments, mainly because my access to the internet is limited, so actually getting online to find out what’s going on in Manic Digger is an interesting pass-time, especially as when I do manage to actually get online I usually have more pressing matters to attend to, (again this boils down to some explanation of my absence!)
To remedy this I’m going to do a bit of snooping to see what I can find out about any new Manic Digger developments.

Catch up point 3

My skinfest has been delayed… corresponding with my ongoing lack of connectivity, however I’m looking at my skin directory right now and see I have 35 skins completed.. only 34 of which will be released Immediately… and there are still several I wish to add to the collection before the almighty skinfest release!!!

So, to those that follow this blog eager to see the latest news, my apologies!! I’ll try to get things sorted so I can once again make regular posts in the near future.