Friday, 25 March 2011

Holiday time.

Well I'm off on a weekend break, But I've noticed that the forums have been springing up posts with new patches, possible new Idea and alterations, I think finally Manic Digger is at a point where we'll see some significant growth in the project, perhaps even some branching projects..

If you are busy tapping code in, then I thank you and look forward to the end result..

Things which aren't In the current stable release (12 / 02 / 2011) but have been hinted at or actually have work being done on them..

  • Flowing water, the exe creative server was recently running test versions has been mysteriously absent from my server lists recently, but I can confirm that the water is there, and does flow... and boy does it flow...
  • Ladders? I've seen the screen's. and I admit that I really want ladders
  • New log in screens, Nice looking graphical interfaces never hurt.
  • In game alterations to the inventory, possibly other tweeks
  • Admin kick/ban tools; an all too welcome addition, griefers be gone!
There are many more things yet to come, and lots of things I'd love to see in the game, but I'm a patient man, and besides! I'm on holiday! not like I'll be playing until I get back.

signing off until then!

(super secret hint, my LOOOONG delayed skinfest will be posted up when I return!)

oh... and don't fear about the terrain.png contest, I'll have some limited access to the net so I'll be sure to keep on top of that!

Ol Joe