Saturday, 12 March 2011

RamboTRS server

I have to reference back to my previous post, I'd like to point out that a lot of what I've been showing recently Is pictures from the "Lets Show RamboTRS" server which from what I've seen Is mostly populated by German or German speaking folk,

I have to give a LOT of respect to them for their Build which dwarves Tacobuilders bridge, at a quick check this monster is around 512 blocks long (it disappears in fog!!!)

So, for the work that RamboTRS and iami30 do, just because they can, hats off!!

I also spotted a little bridge which I quite liked as it was built on an angle! So it is for that reason (ie: that unlike everything else, its built deliberately on a 45 degree angle) here is a little picture of it.

There is also PLENTY of Mario and Nintendo retro/8-bit cartoon iconography littering the landscape, all of which gets the Ol_joe seal of approval!

As a small reminder; My texture contest ends TOMORROW!! so if you haven't voted come see what's going on! >>

And as a post reminder, just for the curious, my Super Mega All-Encompassing Ultra Skinfest 2011 (shortened to SMEAEUS 2011 ) is drawing closer, All the skins I have made in ONE place, the old ones I've already posted and MANY new ones!! so If you need a new skin to impress your Manic Digger Pals, be sure to stay tuned!