Monday, 21 March 2011

-Dev /command: code moar!

Wow, there has been quite an explosion of coders and extra help suddenly popping up, we all know and love Huder who has been doing some work on terrain generation and other tid-bits... but now there are a couple other names popping up alongside large wedges of code (all of which is complete gobbledy-gook to me)

So to pay homage to the people that can...

Thank you.. and in some small way I hope these pictrues I took from liquidhot's server show how cool things can be when people knuckle down and do cool stuff.

Club 'Tron'

possibly the 1st US flag I've seen...

And the host himself Mr Liquidhot

If you haven't already, then pay a visit, the Tron texture is awesome!!!

In other news, we are now part way through the re-scheduled terrain.png contest entry period, so if you have a terrain.png that you would like to enter, please pop along and post it.

Entries should be in by no later than midnight (GMT) on the 27th March.