Friday, 18 February 2011

Shh I'm resting...

Been on the back-burner recently, as well as doing some work on 'skins'

Other than that, nothing much from me, the forums have been a little quiet except for a few crash reports and a resurgence of Mincraft fanboys once again letting the Manic Digger community know just how shoddy the game we play is and the fact it is 'nothing more than a direct rip-off' of their much loved game.. ho hum.

My skinning / texture contest only has 4 days more and as yet, no entry's (other than my own)

Just to remind folk, the main aim of this contest is to replace the default (comes with the game...) terrain.png in doing so we will be one step further away from the 'Minecraft' that we are so called copying in exact detail, so come on folks! step up, grind a couple hours in your chosen picture editor and enter your own !!!