Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Hello, Hallo, Zdravei, Hola, Saluton, Salut and Privet! to all.

In no so many words I'd like togive a special hello to all those that read this, I've been doing some poking around on my stats and info, It would seem that a LOT of Germans are visiting!!

A special Screenshot for you folk over the way..

I'm really happy that you spend the time and effort to come and read my English language blog! If anyone has any links to a German blog about manic digger, I'd be happy to link to it, just send a message to Maniacal.Digerer via the forums (or just post it for me to see)

To all the other international readers, Hello to you all! I dont have flags for everyone, but here's another that I'd seen on exe creative 5... 'hallo' to any Dutch players.

On a side note, my antipodean counterpart; Tacobuilder help me link up the 'statue of liberty' with a rail-line... for which he built a rather excelent bridge!

The other thing which I couldnt help but notice was a HUGE tree complete with hollow top with a room in! oh and the 'green' cubey thing next to it.. a bouncy castle!! (which I confess to having had a go in)