Saturday, 5 February 2011

It's all Spooky-like!

Hello to HumbleDigger and MynameisChan, both great people to have on the 'allowed' side of the wall. Here is a video I took to show off the new night time and 'shadows' It just happens to focus on a castle that someone that also writes a blo.. oh hell who am I kidding.. I built it!! (Tacobuilder helped with the walls)

So .. enjoy that while I work more on the following

  • organising some screen-shots of peoples builds..
  • re-edit my spongebob skin .. needs some serious fixing
  • new spartan skin!! (Arrooogh Arroogh!)
  • new texture pack (submission for 'default' textures)
  • some more messing about building things!!!
Other than that, see you on the forums!