Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Hello.. anyone out there?!

let me just dust this off...

Hello Diggers... Manic or otherwise, let me just throw you all a quick bite to eat before I once again dive into obscurity, exe Is very much alive and kicking and still has interest in the Manic Digger project. There are an ever increasing number of people which are forwarding offers of coding assistance.. and an ever growing number of people asking what the 'latest' version is.

I will restate that version tracking has gone a little off the scale for some time now. The releases that cirulate currently are known as 'nightly' releases, literally as new versions are compiled nightly which may or may not include fixed code or updated features... to get the 'latest' Manic digger check the repository here and look for the most recent date.

this thread may help answer some things... or If you have a question.. direct it to the people that know!

now.. where did I put all that dust? I need to put it back over my blog posting computer once more...